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DAIKIN INVERTER R32 1HP / 1.5HP / 2HP / 2.5HP Air Conditioner FTKF Aircond

RM 1,500.00
DAIKIN INVERTER R32 1HP / 1.5HP / 2HP / 2.5HP Air Conditioner FTKF Aircond Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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【Features Highlight】
√ Energy Saving R32 Refrigerant

√ Gin-Ion Blue Filter
- This  filter  is  treated  with  a  positively  charged  silver  ion,  which  efficiently  draws viruses onto its surface and decomposes up to 99.9% in 2 hours. On top of that, this filter can deactivate bacteria and inhibit fungal growth on its surface to improve the quality of indoor air for a healthier lifestyle.
*The filter delivers consistent performance for around a year if filter is cleaned once every 2 weeks.

√ Anti-Corrosion Treatment of Outdoor Heat Exchanger Fins
- The outdoor unit’s heat exchanger fins are processed using a special anti-corrosion treatment. The surface is covered with a thin acrylic resin layer to enhance the fins’ resistance to salt corrosion.

√ Econo Mode
- This mode limits the maximum power consumption. It improves operating efficiency while fulfilling basic human comfort needs.

√ Easy Maintenance with Removable Drain Pan
- The drain pan collects condensation from the indoor heat exchanger fins. Removable drain pans help to reduce the cleaning time.

√ Durable PCB (PCB Voltage Shield)
- Newly designed printed circuit board (PCB) for higher voltage surge tolerance. This PCB can easily handle large variations of voltage (130V-415V) therefore ensuring longer life span.

√ New Compact & Easy To Use Controller
- Prominent temperature display
- Real-time clock display
- Easily accessible buttons

【What is in the box】
1 set x DAIKIN Standard Inverter Air Conditioner
1 x Remote Control
1 x Warranty Card

- Capacity (Btu/hr): 9,000 (3,400-9,200)
- Rated Power Consumption (Min-Max) (W): 860 (200-1,050)
- 4-Star
- Air Flow Rate (CFM): 340
- Indoor: H280 x W730 x D213 mm / 8.5kg
- Outdoor: H418 x W695 x D244 mm / 19kg
- Copper Pipe Size - Liquid (mm): 6.4
- Copper Pipe Size - Gas (mm): 9.5

- Capacity (Btu/hr): 12,300 (4,100-13,000)
- Rated Power Consumption (Min-Max) (W): 1200 (200-1,250)
- 4-Star
- Air Flow Rate (CFM): 400
- Indoor: H288 x W770 x D234 mm / 9.0kg
- Outdoor: H550 x W658 x D273 mm / 21kg
- Copper Pipe Size - Liquid (mm): 6.4
- Copper Pipe Size - Gas (mm): 9.5

- Capacity (Btu/hr): 18,000 (5,200-18,500)
- Rated Power Consumption (Min-Max) (W): 1880 (380-1,950)
- 4-Star
- Air Flow Rate (CFM): 430
- Indoor: H288 x W770 x D234 mm / 9.5kg
- Outdoor: H615 x W845 x D300 mm / 33kg
- Copper Pipe Size - Liquid (mm): 6.4
- Copper Pipe Size - Gas (mm): 12.7

- Capacity (Btu/hr): 24,000 (6,600-24,500)
- Rated Power Consumption (Min-Max) (W): 1965 (380-2,300)
- 5-Star
- Air Flow Rate (CFM): 640
- Indoor: H297 x W990 x D273 mm / 13.0kg
- Outdoor: H615 x W845 x D300 mm / 37kg
- Copper Pipe Size - Liquid (mm): 6.4
- Copper Pipe Size - Gas (mm): 12.7

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Lead time 3-7 working days

Courier Delivery available to all cities and states in Peninsular Malaysia (West Malaysia).

Own Lorry Delivery to following areas and their nearby locations:
Bahau, Batu Kikir, Juasseh, Felda Raja Alias, Ayer Hitam, Serting Tengah, Rompin, Bukit Rokan Barat, Kuala Pilah, Felda Lui Barat, Bukit Rokan Utara, Pasir Besar, Felda Jelai, Senaling, Simpang Pertang, Gemas, Johol, Dangi, Serting Hilir, Tanjung Ipoh, Pulapol, Pertang, Felda Lui Selatan, Seri Menanti, Felda Bukit Rokan, Felda Sungai Lui, Felda Palong 14 15 16, Felda Palong 1, GATCO (Serampang Indah), Felda Lui Timur, Felda Lui Muda, Sungai Sampoo, Felda Palong 2, Felda Palong 3, Terachi, Gemencheh, Felda Sungai Kelamah, Kem Syed Sirajuddin, Ulu Bendul, Pekan Gemas, Felda Palong 4 5 6, Felda Tembangau 1 2 3, Felda Tembangau 6 8, Simpang Durian, Batang Melaka, Felda Palong 12 13, Felda Palong 9 10 11, Durian Tipus, Felda Palong 7 8, Kuala Klawang, Paroi, Tampin, Senawang, Rembau, Titi, Kerayong, Bera, Triang, Seremban 2, Felda Keratong 1 2 3 4 5, Sepang, Jasin, Segamat, Alor Gajah, Asahan, Ayer Keroh, Bemban, Durian Tunggal, Jasin, Kem Trendak, Kuala Sungai Baru, Lubok China, Masjid Tanah, Melaka, Merlimau, Selandar, Sungai Rambai, Sungai Udang, Tanjong Kling

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